The 2011 South Dakota Winter Open Chess Tournament Results:

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The 2011 edition of the Sioux Falls Winter Open was held on Saturday, February 12, 2011, at Augustana College in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, with 120 participants.

The annual USCF-rated tournament included four sections (Open, U1200, U900, and U600), and was sponsored by the Sioux Empire Chess Foundation and the Augustana College Chess Club.
Terry Likens and Serif Suljic finished in first & second place respectively, based on tie breaks, but with both finishing with 3.5/4 points they shared the top two prize amounts with each taking home a check for $200.

In the lower sections, three players were perfect as Jeff Robinson took clear first in the U1200 section with 4.0/4; Shaiv Kittur winning the U900 section with 6.0/6; and Destiny Jorenby winning the U600 section with 6.0/6, but winning her section on tiebreaks over Gabe Fendrich who also had 6.0/6.

Robert Frost Elementary School took first place in the team competition portion of the U600 section; Memorial Middle School was first in the U900 section; and Sioux Center High School was tops in the U1200 section.

GM Alex Yermolinsky served as the Tournament Director for this event, with the help of Assistant TD John Flores.

This event is also part of the 2011 SECF Grand Prix for grades K-8. A complete listing of award winners for this event follows:

U600 Section / Individual:
1st Place – Destiny Jorenby, Brookings Home School (6.0/6)
2nd Place – Gabe Fendrich, Robert Frost ES (6.0/6)
3rd Place – Taylor Schlotterbeck, Castlewood MS (5.0/6)
4th Place – Eric Feng, Patrick Henry MS (5.0/6)
5th Place – Max Peters, Garfield Challenge Center & ES (5.0/6)
Top U400 – Vanessa Eagle Hawk, PILC K-5 (4.0/6)
2nd Place U400 – Lincoln Shafer, Patrick Henry MS (4.0/6)
3rd Place U400 – Tory Shafer, Harvey Dunn ES (4.0/6)
4th Place U400 - Blake Dragt, Castlewood MS (4.0/6)
5th Place U400 – Christian Duinkerken, Robert Frost ES (4.0/6)

U600 Section / Team:

1st Place – Robert Frost ES (16.5)
2nd Place – Castlewood MS (16.0)
3rd Place – Pierre Indian Learning Center K-5 (15.5)
4th Place – Garretson ES (14.0)
5th Place – Patrick Henry MS (12.5)

U900 Section / Individual:

1st Place – Shaiv Kittur, Discovery ES (6.0/6)
2nd Place – Keanan Richter, Memorial MS (5.0/6)
3rd Place – Dylan Steinwand, Patrick Henry MS (4.0/6)
4th Place – Sam Robinson, Memorial MS (4.0/6)
5th Place – Alexander Fuhs, Robert Frost ES (4.0/6)

Top U750 – Patrick Rowe, Castlewood HS (4.0/6)
Top U750 2nd Place – Austin Weiss, Georgia Morse MS (3.5/6)
Top U750 3rd Place – Zachary Boland, Garretson MS (3.5/6)
Top U750 4th Place – Kaleb Artz, Castlewood HS (3.0/6)
Top U750 5th Place – Riley Haug, Castlewood MS (3.0/6)

U900 Section / Team:
1st Place – Memorial MS (10.5)
2nd Place – Garretson MS (10.5)
3rd Place – Castlewood HS (10.0)
4th Place – Discovery ES (8.0)
5th Place – Castlewood MS (5.0)

U1200 Section / Individual:

1st Place – Jeff Robinson, Sioux Falls, SD (4.0/4)
2nd Place – Benny Kellar, JFK ES (3.0/4)
3rd Place – Michael Hooyer, Sioux Center HS (3.0/4)
4th Place – Eddie Yermolinsky, Memorial MS (3.0/4)
5th Place – Cash Lapour, Garfield Challenge Center & ES (2.0/4)
Top U1050 – Mike Fuhs, Sioux Falls, SD (2.0/4)
Top U1050 2nd Place – James Hooyer, Sioux Center HS (2.0/4)
Top U1050 3rd Place – Avery Schroer, Georgia Morse MS (2.0/4)

U1200 Section / Team:
1st Place – Sioux Center HS (5.0)
2nd Place – Memorial MS (5.0)
3rd Place – JFK ES (3.0)
4th Place – Memorial MS
5th Place – JFK ES

Open Section:

1st Place – Terry Likens (3.5/4), $200
2nd Place – Serif Suljic (3.5/4), $200
3rd Place – Curtis Carroll (3.0/4), $22
4th Place – Loren Hooyer (3.0/4), $22
5th Place – Jeff Barth (3.0/4), $22
Top U1600 – Sigurd Rydland (2.5/4), $67
Top U1400 – Luke Rysavy (2.5/4), $67

To view the USCF crosstable of the event, use the following link: