Scholastic Player about to make a move


On Saturday, October 11, 2008, the 2008 Split Rock Scholastic Chess Tournament was held at the Garretson School in Garretson, SD. 58 scholastic chess players in grades K-12 registered to play in the tournament which was sponsored by the Sioux Empire Chess Foundation,
and hosted by the Garretson Elementary School Chess Club. National Master Nels Truelson served as the Tournament Director, and Garretson ES Chess Club Advisor Bob Boland assisted him and served as the emcee for the event. Special guests included Grandmaster Alex Yermolinsky, and his wife, (WGM) Woman Grandmaster, Camilla Baginskaite.

This scholastic chess event, the first of its kind ever held in the town of Garretson, SD, was the initial scholastic chess event of the 2008-09 school year in SD. Other events are scheduled to follow around the state, culminating in the SD State Scholastic Chess Championships which are tentatively scheduled for mid-March 2009. Players from around the state raveled to Garretson, SD, to participate in this event, to include participants from Rapid City, Pierre, Sioux Falls, and even NW Iowa. The tournament was divided into four sections (K-3, K-5, K-8, and K-12)Winners! with matches played throughout the day. Players in the sections through 8th grade played five rounds, and players in the K-12 section played just four rounds due to longer time limits. The event kicked off in the morning, and concluded with award ceremonies at the end of the day. Photos of the event were taken throughout the day by Jeff Storment of, and are available for viewing by clicking here.

Here are the results of the tournament which was a United States Chess Federation
rated tournament (click here to see USCF summary):

K-3 Individual Standings
1. Ryan Fick, Garretson ES, 5.0 pts
2. Marc Rattenborg, Garretson ES, 4.0 pts
3. Isaiah Mader, Garretson ES, 4.0 pts
4. Brett Larsen, Garretson ES, 3.5 pts
5. Evan David, Challenge Center ES, 3.0 pts
Top Kindergarten – Carson Boland, Garretson ES, 1.5 pts
Top 2nd Grade – Dylan Nelson, Garretson, ES, 1.5 pts
K-3 Team Standings
1. Garretson Elementary School, 16.5 pts
2. Pierre Indian Learning Center, 5.5 pts
3. Challenge Center Elementary School, 3.o pts
K-5 Individual Standings
1. Scott Jensen, Corral Drive ES, 5.0 pts
2. Ezra Storment, Garretson ES, 4.0 pts
3. Amber Anderson, PILC, 4.0 pts
4. Evan Fick, Garretson ES, 4.0 pts
5. Carter Huber, John Harris ES, 3.5 pts
Top 4th Grade – Kindra Clark, Garretson ES, 3.5 pts
2nd Place 4th Grade = Alex Uhl, Garretson ES, 3.5 pts
K-5 Team Standings
1. Garretson Elementary School, 15.0 pts
2. Pierre Indian Learning Center, 10.0 pts
3. John Harris Elementary School, 6.5 pts
4. Rapid City Corral Drive Elementary School, 5.0 pts
5. Harvey Dunn Elementary School, 2.5 pts
K-8 Individual Standings
1. Jack Ralls, North Iowa MS, 5.0 pts
2. Jerry Casteel, Rapid City South MS, 4.0 pts
3. Demitre Ecoffey, PILC, 3.0 pts
4. Anthony Jewett, PILC, 3.0 pts
5. Carmelita Shouldis, PILC, 3.0 pts
K-8 Team Standings
1. Pierre Indian Learning Center, 12.0 pts
2. North Iowa Middle School, 5.0 pts
3. Garretson Middle School, 5.0 pts
4. Rapid City South Middle School, 4.0 pts
K-12 Individual Standings
1. Jon Engberg, Lincoln HS, 4.0 pts
2. Joseph Marikle, Greater Sioux Falls HSA, 3.0 pts
3. Kyle Jensen, Rapid City Stevens HS, 2.0 pts
4. Zack Truelson, Greater Sioux Falls HSA, 1.5 pts
5. Michael Hegland, Brandon Valley HS, 1.5 pts
K-12 Team Standings
1. Greater Sioux Falls Home School Association, 4.5 pts
2. Lincoln High School, 4.0 pts
3. Rapid City Stevens High School, 2.0 pts
4. Brandon Valley High School, 1.5 pts