Chess Tournament
A National Chess Day Event!
October 08, 2011

The 2011 version of the Split Rock Scholastic Chess Tournament held at the Garretson School in Garretson, SD, featured 68 scholastic chess players playing in four sections (K-3, K-5, K-8, and K-12). The 4th Annual Split Rock tournament was sponsored by the Sioux Empire Chess Foundation, and hosted by the Garretson Elementary School Chess Club. Grandmaster Alex Yermolinsky served as the Tournament Director, WGM Kamile Baginskaite assisted, and Garretson ES Chess Club Coach Bob Boland assisted them and served as emcee for the event. Trophies were available to the top seven players in the K-3, K-5, and K-8 sections (team trophies to top five), and to the top five players in the K-12 section (team trophies to top three).
Roland Siverling of Discovery Elementary School, Sioux Falls, SD, went a perfect 5-0 to start out the 2011-2012 scholastic year with a top finish in the K-3 section. Joining him on the victors podium for individual finishers were the Choudry brothers, Akshay & Arjun, who won the K-5 and K-8 sections respectively. Akshay of John Harris Elementary School, Sioux Falls, SD, scored a 4.5 to top the K-5 section, and older brother Arjun of Patrick Henry Middle School, Sioux Falls, SD, went a perfect 5-0 to top the K-8 section. In the K-12 section a duel in the form of a blitz game between the top two finishers, Jerry John Casteel of Rapid City Home School, Rapid City, SD, and Luke Rysavy of O’Gorman Junior High School of Sioux Falls, SD, took place to determine who would come away the victor. Casteel bested Rysavy to take first place honors.
In the teams portion of the competition, it was the Garretson School sweeping the top positions in the K-3, K-5, and K-8 sections.
A complete listing of the top seven individuals (top five teams) in the K-3, K-5, and K-8 sections, and top five individuals (top three teams) in the K-12 section from the 2011 Split Rock Scholastic are as follows:

K-3 Individual Standings
1. Roland Siverling, Discovery ES, 5.0/5
2. Carson Boland, Garretson ES, 4.0/5
3. Greta Yermolinsky, Garfield ES & Challenge Center, 4.0/5
4. Tee Paterson, Garretson ES, 4.0/5
5. Manu Nair, Garfield ES & Challenge Center, 3.0/5
6. Matthew Rattenborg, Garretson ES, 3.0/5
7. Carson Clark, Garretson ES, 3.0/5

K-3 Team Standings
1. Garretson Elementary School, 13.5
2. Garfield Elementary School & Challenge Center, 7.0
3. Discovery Elementary School, 5.0
4. Harrisburg Liberty Elementary School, 2.5
5. Tri-Valley Elementary School, 1.0

K-5 Individual Standings
1. Akshay Choudry, John Harris ES, 4.5/5
2. Cash Lapour, Garfield ES & Challenge Center, 4.0/5
3. Jayden Clark, Garretson ES, 3.5/5
4. Joshua Lehman, Elk Point ES, 3.0/5
5. Carter Jackson, Harrisburg Liberty ES, 3.0/5
6. Ryan Keener, Garretson ES, 3.0/5
7. Brayden Beaner, Garretson ES, 3.0/5

K-5 Team Standings
1. Garretson Elementary School, 11.5
2. Harrisburg Elementary School, 5.5
3. John Harris Elementary School, 4.5
4. Garfield Elementary School & Challenge Center, 4.0
5. Elk Point Elementary School, 3.0

K-8 Individual Standings
1. Arjun Choudry, Patrick Henry MS, 5.0/5
2. Eddie Yermolinsky, Memorial MS, 4.0/5
3. Malu Nair, Memorial MS, 4.0/5
4. Avery Schroer, Georgia Morse MS, 4.0/5
5. Benny Kellar, Memorial MS, 3.0/5
6. Kindra Clark, Garretson MS, 3.0/5
7. Nathaniel Boland, Garretson MS, 3.0/5

K-8 Team Standings
1. Garretson Middle School, 12.0
2. Memorial Middle School, 11.0
3. Castlewood Middle School, 9.5
4. Patrick Henry Middle School, 7.0
5. Georgia Morse Middle School, 7.0

K-12 Individual Standings
1. Jerry John Casteel, Rapid City Home School, 3.0/4
2. Luke Rysavy, O’Gorman Junior High School, 3.0/4
3. Patrick Rowe, Castlewood High School, 1.0/4
4. Thomas John Boland, Garretson High School, 1.0/4

K-12 Team Standings
No trophies awarded due to lack of at least two players from each team