2010 Split Rock Scholastic
Chess Tournament
A National Chess Day Event!
October 09, 2010


In a week that was capped off by record high temperatures in Southeast South Dakota, the kick-off chess event of the 2010-11 scholastic chess season, the 2010 Split Rock Scholastic held in Garretson, South Dakota, was the “hot” place to be for SD scholastic chess players celebrating 2010’s National Chess Day in the United States.

The 2010 version of the Split Rock Scholastic Chess Tournament held at the Garretson School in Garretson, SD, featured 91 scholastic chess players playing in four sections (K-3, K-5, K-8, and K-12), and one fire-breathing dragon playing his Dragon Variation in a section all to himself! The 3rd Annual Split Rock tournament was sponsored by the Sioux Empire Chess Foundation, and hosted by the Garretson Elementary School Chess Club. Grandmaster Alex Yermolinsky served as the Tournament Director, John Flores served as the Assistant Tournament Director, and Garretson ES Chess Club Coach Bob Boland assisted them and served as emcee for the event. Trophies were available to the top seven players in the K-3, K-5, and K-8 sections (team trophies to top five), and to the top five players in the K-12 section (team trophies to top three).


Two new faces to the scholastic scene in SD were part of a foursome who garnered individual top honors in the four sections with their undefeated play. Third grader Joshua Lehman of Elk Point ES scored a perfect 5.0/5 in his first ever USCF-rated tournament in the K-3 section, and joining him in this honor was 9th grader Josiah Jorenby from Brookings (SD) Home School with his perfect 4.0/4 in the K-12 section. Both Lehman and Jorenby came into this year’s tournament as untested & unrated, but one thing they don’t leave as is unknown!


Rounding out the top individual honors was 5th grader Ryan Fick of Garretson ES with his undefeated run through the K-5 section with his 5.0/5 score, and 7th grader Luke Rysavy, of O’Gorman Junior HS with his repeat performance of the 2009 Split Rock Scholastic as he again ran the table in the K-8 section with his perfect score of 5.0/5.

In the team’s portion of the annual Split Rock event, it was a sweep in the K-3, K-5, and K-8 sections, as teams from the Garretson School took top honors. It was the third time in the short history of the Split Rock that the Garretson ES team in the K-5 section took top honors, but the first time they were congratulated by a dragon!

A complete listing of the top seven individuals (top five teams) in the K-3, K-5, and K-8 sections, and top five individuals (top three teams) in the K-12 section from the 2010 Split Rock Scholastic are as follows:

K-3 Individual Standings
1. Joshua Lehman, Elk Point ES, 5.0/5
2. Samuel Biren, Garretson ES, 4.0/5
3. Manu Nair, Discovery ES, 3.5/5
4. Cody Steinhoff, Garretson ES, 3.0/5
5. Carson Boland, Garretson ES, 3.0/5
6. Manuel Arviso, PILC, 3.0/5
7. Jeeter Shockey, PILC, 2.5/5

K-3 Team Standings
1. Garretson Elementary School, 12.5
2. PILC, Pierre, SD, 9.0
3. Elk Point Elementary School, 5.0
4. Discovery Elementary School, 3.5

K-5 Individual Standings
1. Ryan Fick, Garretson ES, 5.0/5
2. Cash Lapour, Garfield Challenge Center, 4.0/5
3. Benny Kellar, JFK ES, 4.0/5
4. Alexander Fuhs, Robert Frost ES, 4.0/5
5. Marc Rattenborg, Garretson ES, 3.0/5
6. Ian Kock, Garfield Challenge Center, 3.0/5
7. Carl Brunken, Garfield Challenge Center, 3.0/5

K-5 Team Standings
1. Garretson Elementary School, 13.0
2. Garfield Challenge Center, 10.0
3. Pierre Indian Learning Center, 10.0
4. JFK Elementary School, 4.0
5. Robert Frost Elementary, 4.0

K-8 Individual Standings
1. Luke Rysavy, Patrick Henry Middle School, 5.0/5
2. Avery Schroer, Georgia Morse Middle School, 4.0/5
3. Alex Uhl, Garretson Middle School, 4.0/5
4. Malavika Nair, Memorial Middle School, 4.0/5
5. Kindra Clark, Garretson Middle School 4.0/5
6. Jacob Liester, Garretson Middle School 4.0/5
7. Rachel Larsen, Garretson Middle School, 4.0/5

K-8 Team Standings
1. Garretson Middle School, 16.0
2. Pierre Indian Learning Center, 10.5
3. Castlewood Middle School, 10.5
4. Memorial Middle School, 10.0
5. Georgia Morse Middle School, 7.0

K-12 Individual Standings
1. Josiah Jorenby, Brookings Home School, 4.0/5
2. Jerry John Casteel, Rapid City Central HS, 3.0/5
3. Nathaniel Boland, Garretson High School, 3.0/5
4. Mark Helenrum, Vermillion High School, 3.0/5
5. Thomas John Boland, Garretson High School, 3.0/5

K-12 Team Standings
1. Castlewood High School, 8.0
2. Garretson High School, 6.0
3. Brookings Home School, 4.5

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