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Sandor Kustar of Murdo successfully defended his title of state champion for other year with a perfect 5-0 record at the 2012 SD State Closed Tournament. Destiny Jorenby of Brookings won her first Junior Championship at the Closed with a record of 3-2.The tournament that was closed to only state residents, and drew 23 players from across South Dakota that played a total of 52 games in five rounds over the weekend of October 13-14.Sandor Kustar at the board searching for his next move.

The South Dakota Chess Association (SDCA) holds the state championship each year to determine the State Champion (best over all performance) and Jr. Champ (best performance of the players age 19 or younger) in a swiss system tournament.

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Once again South Dakota has a new Chess Champion. Sandor Kustar from Murdo won the two day five round tournament that was closed to SD residents. The Historic Franklin Hotel in Deadwood was the host to the chess tournament.  Last years defending champ, Nels Truelson, from Sioux Falls needed to win his last round game to tie for first. Instead of trying to win his game with the black pieces against Kustar- Truelson opted for an eight and a half move drawn game by agreement. This isn't the first time these two have played and Truelson has stated that "...winning with the black pieces is grim against an International Master like Kustar".

Returning Junior Chess Champion, Michael Knudson, maintained his title with an outstanding score of 4 out of 5 games won in a field of mostly adults. Check back for more info and games from the tournament.

Final Standings for the 2011 SD Championship (Closed)



# Name ID Rating Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Total Prize
1 Sandor Kustar 12812673 2358 W10 W8 W5 W4 D3 4.5 2011 Champ Trophy and free entry into 2012 Championship
2 Michael Knudson 13006972 1546 W17 W7 L4 W5 W12 4.0 2011 Jr. Champ Trophy and free entry into 2012 Championship (C)
3 Nels Truelson 10322022 2200 W11 L5 W9 W7 D1 3.5  
4 Terry Likens 10327776 1816 W12 D9 W2 L1 W10 3.5 Free entry into 2012 Championship (A)
5 Mark Derby 12639326 1644 W14 W3 L1 L2 W13 3.0 Free entry into 2012 Championship (B)
6 Roland Siverling 14669016 621 L8 L13 B--- W14 W15 3.0 Free entry into 2012 Championship (G)

Curtis Caroll is the 2009 Chess Champion of South Dakota.

The South Dakota State Championship Tournament (AKA: the Closed because it is closed to only SD residents) was won by Nels Truelson and Serif Suljic who will share the title of State Champion. The Junior State Champion title is also shared this year. The best performing players age 19 and under were Josiah Jorenby and Michael Knudson. Check back for more details and games as they are typed in and submitted.

<click here> to see the games from the 2010 SD Closed. All the games posted immediately are courtesy of Monroi electronic score sheets. If you don’t use a Monroi please submit your tournament games in a pgn file format to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with in the week if you would like them posted.


Master Nels Truelson and International Master Sandor Kustar share the title of state champion again in 2008.

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