There is a new Sheriff in town!

Serif Suljic, or "Sheriff" as many like to call him, is the 2010 Sioux Falls City Chess Champion. For years local resident Serif has competed in the Sioux Falls Championship and the Sioux Falls Open but never won first place until now. If you had to pick a word to describe the 26th Revival of the Sioux Falls Open Chess Tournament, the one that clearly comes to mind would be “tiebreak.” The 2010 version of the SF Open featured a new section (U600), but in the end all four sections were decided on computer-generated tiebreaks. Of course, this speaks volumes to the battles that were occurring in each section for the right to claim 1st place among all the 105 entrants in this tournament.
Thus, it was a tiebreak that determined the player who would be bestowed
the title of 2010 Sioux Falls City Chess Champion, and that player turned
out to be Serif “Sheriff” Suljic of Sioux Falls. His score of 4.0/5 was also
good enough for his share of the 1st place prize as he departed the SF Open
with a check in the amount of $150. Also going home with his $150 check,
was the player who tied Suljic with a score of 4.0/5, Curtis Carroll, the
reigning SD State Chess Champion.

Of course, it was also a tiebreak that determined the 1st place finisher in the
always competitive U1200 section, and the surprise of this year’s Open was
that a 6th grade middle school student from Patrick Henry MS in Sioux
Falls, Luke Rysavy, bested all the adults and the other scholastic players in
this section to claim his 1st place trophy. Rysavy has become an emerging
force in SD scholastic circles, and will be a force to reckon with at the
upcoming SD Scholastic Chess Championships on March 27th.
Garretson ES 4th grader Ryan Fick used a tiebreak to propel him to 1st place
in the U800, and with still another tiebreak deciding the day, it was
Harrisburg Explorer ES 4th grader Parker Brown who laid claim to the top
finish in the U600 section.

The Open also featured team competitions in the U1200, U800, and U600
sections. Garfield ES and Challenge Center bested the competition in the
U600 section hands down to walk away with the 1st place team trophy. It
was Garretson ES taking top honors in the U800 section, and the dominant
team from Augustana College ran away with the top finish in the U1200
The following is a complete list of all award winners at the 26th Sioux Falls
U600 Section / Individual:
1st Place – Parker Brown, Harrisburg Explorer ES (5.0/5)
2nd Place- Carl Brunken, Garfield ES & Challenge Center (5.0/5)
3rd Place- Trace Dobson, Mark Twain ES (4.0/5)
4th Place- Shaiv Kittur, Discovery ES (4.0/5)
5th Place- Sam Greer, Oscar Howe ES (4.0/5)
Top U400- Cody Smith, Castlewood HS (4.0/5)
2nd Place U400- Jacob Schultz, Melvin (IA) (3.5/5)
3rd Place U400- Kunal Verma, John Harris ES (3.0/5)
4th Place U400- Manu Nair, Discovery ES (3.0/5)
5th Place U400- Jakob Sjovold, Oscar Howe ES (3.0/5)
U600 Team:
1st Place- Garfield ES & Challenge Center, 13.0
2nd Place- Oscar Howe, 12.5
3rd Place- Castlewood MS, 11.5
4th Place- John Harris ES, 10.0
5th Place- Pierre Indian Learning Center, 10.0
U800 Section / Individual:
1st Place – Ryan Fick, Garretson ES (4.0/5)
2nd Place – Benny Kellar, JFK ES (4.0/5)
3rd Place – Will Grevlos, Mark Twain ES (4.0/5)
4th Place – Kyle Kooima, Castlewood MS (4.0/5)
5th Place – Ezra Storment, Garretson MS (3.0/5)
U800 Section / Team:
1st Place – Garretson ES, 10.0
2nd Place – Pierre Indian Learning Center MS, 8.0
3rd Place – Castlewood MS, 7.5
4th Place- Garfield ES & Challenge Center, 4.5
5th Place- JFK ES, 4.0
U1200 Section / Individual:
1st Place – Luke Rysavy, Patrick Henry MS (3.5/4)
2nd Place – Michael Stutelberg, Augustana College (3.5/4)
3rd Place – Dillon Karras, Augustana College (3.0/4)
4th Place – Gerald Smith (3.0/4)
5th Place – Jerry John Casteel, South MS (2.5/4)
Top U1000- Tomas Vivancos, Augustana College (2.0/4)
2nd Place U1000- Swetha Saravanan, Patrick Henry MS (2.0/4)
3rd Place U1000- Malu Nair, Discovery ES (2.0/4)
U1200 Section / Team:
1st Place – Augustana College
2nd Place – Patrick Henry MS
3rd Place – South MS
Open Section:
1st Place – Serif Suljic (4.0/5), $150, and Curtis Carroll (4.0/5), $150 (Suljic
wins 2010 Sioux Falls City Championship on tiebreak).
3rd Place – Mark Derby (3.5/5), $63, and James Lenz (3.5/5), $63 (Top
U1600 also, and Biggest Upset, $25).
Top U1400 – Andrew Barduson (2.5/5), $50.

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