Nels Truelson brings the title home with a perfect score (5-0) in the 2013 Sioux Falls Open. Sixty-two participants played over four sections with twenty -two competing in the open section. Second place went to Lary Rust of Clevland, OH who lost only to Nels in the fourth round. Third place went to Corey Butler of Marshall, MN who won in rounds 1, 2, and 5 but lost to Nels in round 3 and had drawn Dale Mach in round 4.
Alexander Fuhs, Mike Fuhs, and Dylan Steinwand tied for first in the under 1200 with 3 out of 4 wins.
In the under 900 section Lennon Richart Keller won with a score of 5 of 6. Luke Jensen took 2nd and John Helmueller and Adelyn Diaz tied for third.
David Guarraci won the under 600 section with 5.5 of 6 and Jordan Klein and Nobel Nothstine tie for second with 5 of 6 games.
Held at the Washington Pavilion in Sioux Falls wiith GM Yermolinsky as Chief TD and GM Suat Atalik acting as Chief Arbiter of the Open Section.

Crosstables for the 2013 SFO seen at:
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 If you are not a current SDCA member you can view a fine game played by Jerry John Casteel and Lary Rust with annotation by Suat Atalık.

If you are a current member then you should be able to view the games from the 2013 SFO using the (user/password combo) given to you when you paid for your current SDCA membership.


Detailed break down of the winners:

1. Truelson $250 check & trophy
2. Rust $150 cash
3. Butler $100 cash
U1600 Mack $100 cash
U1400 Jensen $100 cash
upset Jensen $55 cash

U1200 (Individual)

1. Alex Fuhs (1167), Thomas Edison MS, 3.0/4
2. Mike Fuhs (1108), 3.0/4
3. Dylan Steinwand (0981), Patrick Henry MS, 3.0/4
4. Kunal Kapoor (0953), Patrick Henry MS, 2.0/4
5. Cash Lapour (1001), Thomas Edison MS, 2.0/4
Top U1050 or Unrated
1. Rose Soori (0988), Grace Lutheran School, 1.5/4
2. Isaiah Soori (0941), Grace Lutheran School, 1.0/4
3. Keith Lapour (0950), 0.5/4

U900 (Individual)

1. Lennon Keller (0711), Thomas Edison MS, 5.0/6
2. Luke Jensen (0604), Dell Rapids ES, 4.5/6
3. John Helmueller (0896), 4.0/6
4. Adelyn Diaz (0669), Groveland ES, 4.0/6
5. Jackson Geerts (0604), Robert Frost ES, 3.5/6
Top U750 or Unrated
1. Brayden Beaner (0738), Garretson ES, 2.5/6
2. Rilyn Fox (0663), Harrisburg MS, 2.0/6
3. Carson Boland (0682), Garretson ES, 1.0/6

U600 (Individual)

1. David Guarraci (0378), Robert Frost ES, 5.5/6
2. Jordan Klein (Unr.), Sibley MS, 5.0/6
3. Nobel Nothstine (0386), Garretson ES, 5.0/6
4. Kaden Rockman (0353), Sibley MS, 4.0/6
5. Elliott Croatt (0367), Sibley ES, 4.0/6
Top U400 or Unrated
1. Donnie Stoltz (0376), Robert Frost ES, 3.5/6
2. Devon Leedy (0317), Garretson ES, 3.0/6
3. Dylan Jensen (0270), Dell Rapids ES, 3.0/6

U600 (Team)

1. Robert Frost ES, 15.0/24
2. Garretson ES, 15.0/24
3. Sibley MS, 9.0/24