Members of the Augustana College Chess Club and the Sioux Empire Chess Foundation worked hard to pull off other successful Sioux Falls Open. Just click to see the games or photos.

The annual Sioux Falls Open Chess Tournament was held on the weekend of March 12-13, 2011, at Augustana College in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, to decide the 2011 Sioux Falls City Chess Champion. The event was the 27th annual revival of this tournament that actually has its origins in the 1960’s, and a clear favorite entered this year’s version of the SF Open with the entry of WGM Camilla Baginskaite in the open section of the tournament.

When the five-round open section of the tournament concluded, WGM Baginskaite didn’t disappoint as she won all five of her games to take clear first place, and the title of 2011 Sioux Falls City Chess Champion. Along with her trophy came the $250 top prize.
Along with the 16 players who populated the open section that determines the annual city chess champion, an additional 100 entrants populated the three lower sections that were a part of this event on the first day of the tournament. Individual players and teams competed for trophies & medals in U1200, U900, and U600 sections.
In the U1200 reserve section, Eddie Yermolinsky of Memorial Middle School in Sioux Falls, SD, won 1st place on tiebreaks in the four-round section, and was part of the Memorial MS team that earned the first place team trophy as well. Brookings Home School student Destiny Jorenby followed up her undefeated run in the 2011 Sioux Falls Winter Open in the U600 section, with an undefeated run in the six-round U900 intermediate section to take clear first place in this section. It was Patrick Henry Middle School of Sioux Falls, SD, earning the first place team trophy in the U900 section. Lastly, Ryan Greene of Castlewood Middle School in
The 2011 Sioux Falls Open Chess Tournament
Chess Club

Castlewood, SD, was the clear first place finisher in the U600 beginner section, which anchored Castlewood Middle School’s first place team finish in this section.
The 2011 Sioux Falls Open Chess Tournament was directed by GM Alex Yermolinsky, and coordinated by SECF Secretary/Treasurer Bob Boland. A complete listing of award recipients is as follows:
U600 Section / Individual:
1st Place – Ryan Greene, Castlewood MS (6.0/6)
2nd Place- Brayden Beaner, Garretson ES (5.0/6)
3rd Place- Misty Scott, Pierre Indian Learning Center MS (5.0/6)
4th Place- Carter Jackson, Harrisburg Liberty ES (5.0/6)
5th Place- Jacob Schultz, Sibley-Ocheydan ES (5.0/6)
6th Place – Tory Shafer, Harvey Dunn ES (5.0/6)
7th Place – Alexis Lyons, Pierre Indian Learning Center ES (4.0/6)
8th Place – Christian Duinkerken, Robert Frost ES (4.0/6)
9th Place – Duncan Rea Moore, Patrick Henry MS (4.0/6)
10th Place – Gunner Haug, Castlewood MS (4.0/6)

U600 Section / Top U400 / Individual:
Top U400- James Arviso, Pierre Indian Learning Center ES (4.0/6)
2nd Place U400- Shelby Kerkvliet, Castlewood MS (4.0/6)
3rd Place U400- David Ray Alexander, Okoboji ES (4.0/6)
4th Place U400- Kendra Mack, Castlewood MS (4.0/6)
5th Place U400- Rilyn Fox, Harrisburg Liberty ES (4.0/6)
6th Place U400 – Jami Turning Holy, Pierre Indian Learning Center ES (4.0/6)
7th Place U400 – Ryan Hill, Harrisburg Liberty ES (3.5/6)
8th Place U400 – James Hupf, Castlewood ES (3.5/6)
9th Place U400 – Elaine Aderhold, Castlewood MS (3.5/6)
10th Place U400 – Manuel Arviso, Pierre Indian Learning Center ES (3.5/6)
U600 Team:
1st Place- Castlewood Middle School, 18.0
2nd Place- Pierre Indian Learning Center ES, 16.0
3rd Place- Harrisburg Liberty ES, 15.0
4th Place- Garretson ES, 13.5
5th Place- Pierre Indian Learning Center MS, 13.5
U900 Section / Individual:
1st Place – Destiny Jorenby, Brookings Home School (6.0/6)
2nd Place – Lincoln Shafer, Patrick Henry MS (5.0/6)
3rd Place – Akshay Choudhry, John Harris ES (4.0/6)
4th Place – Riley Haug, Castlewood MS (4.0/6)
5th Place – Kindra Clark, Garretson MS (4.0/6)
6th Place – Taylor Schlotterbeck, Castlewood MS (4.0/6)
7th Place – Evan David, Garfield Challenge Center ES (4.0/6)

U900 Section / Top U750 / Individual:
Top U750 – Eric Feng, Patrick Henry MS (3.5/6)
2nd Place U750 – Kalin Thaler, Memorial MS (3.0/6)
3rd Place U750 – Parker Brandner, O’Gorman Junior HS (3.0/6)
4th Place U750 – Lucas Ching, Castlewood HS (3.0/6)
5th Place U750 – Isaac Harris, O’Gorman Junior HS (3.0/6)
U900 Section / Team:
1st Place – Patrick Henry MS, 10.5
2nd Place – Garfield Challenge Center ES, 9.5
3rd Place – Castlewood MS, 9.0
4th Place- Castlewood HS, 6.5
5th Place- Garretson MS, 6.0
U1200 Section / Individual:
1st Place – Eddie Yermolinsky, Memorial MS (3.0/4)
2nd Place – Arjun Choudhry, John Harris ES (3.0/4)
3rd Place – Cash Lapour, Garfield Challenge Center ES (3.0/4)
4th Place – Benny Kellar, JFK ES (3.0/4)
5th Place – James Hooyer, Sioux Center HS (3.0/4)
U1200 Section / Top U1050 / Individual:
Top U1050- Keanan Richter, Memorial MS (2.0/4)
2nd Place U1050- Alexander Fuhs, Robert Frost ES (2.0/4)
3rd Place U1050- Gabe Fendrich, Robert Frost ES (2.0/4)

U1200 Section / Team:
1st Place – Memorial MS, 8.0
2nd Place – Sioux Center HS, 4.0
3rd Place – Robert Frost ES, 4.0
Open Section:
1st Place – WGM Camilla Baginskaite (5.0/5), $250, 2011 Sioux Falls City Chess Champion.
2nd Place – NM Nels Truelson (4.0/5), $150.
3rd Place – Bruce Brandt (3.5/5), $100.
Top U1600 – Dick Rostrom (3.0/5), $100.
Top U1400 – Luke Rysavy (2.0/5), $50, and Jodene Kruse (2.0/5), $50.
Biggest Upset – Andrew Barduson, 1005 defeats 1328, $25.

To view the crosstable from this event ctrl + click on the below link:

The next SECF-sponsored chess tournament is the April Grand Prix Scholastic Chess Tournament (grades K-8) at the Dragon’s Den in Sioux Falls, SD, on Sunday, April 10, 2011.