After their victory at the SD Teams, the International Pawn Stars (Sandor, Ekram,  Mark, & Richard) headed to Denver to play in the Colorado Open. SDCA President, Jerry John was also there and played in the Open. Sandor, Ekram, and Mark played in the 6 round quick game in 10 minutes Friday night and ended with a 3 way tie for first with Sandor sharing the prize $ with Chris Peterson and Jesse Cohen. The Open section had only two IM's and we were all waiting to see what round they would play and who would get white. The epic battle of the tournament didn't wait for the last round. Michael Muylar had white against Sandor in the 4th round because they were the only players with 3 points. Sandor was still licking his wounds from the upset in April at the Black Hills Open by the unrated Dina Johnson. Muylar has been a very active chess traveler and just locked in a GM norm a couple weeks earlier in Maryland at the 2nd Washington International. Scroll half way down this page to read a report from the Tournament Director.



Games can be seen here.  See the Quick game in 10 minute crosstables here. See the Open Championship crosstables here. See the ending of the Wall-Kustar quick game on facebook  or at youtube. Photos are posted here.