By the end of 2017 we have a decade of stats for the website sdchess. Navigating the site may seem frustrating at times trying to find the info you are looking for but with perseverance I hope you found it, and maybe noticed something else interesting along the way. There is a clear trend in what people want to see when they visit the site and it's also surprising what others find interesting and are curious about. Let's take a look at what is popular.

The fifth most popular article is SDCA Membership and Clubs with over 4351 hits. This page is sometimes out of date and if you see something on there that could be updated then please mention it to the Web Custodian so he can clean it up.

In fourth place, 2008 Highest Rated Players in South Dakota, with 4732 views.  This was to be an annual story but the Chess Journalist Guild of SD voted for a strike and are still in labor negotiations as the scabs can't afford the cost of printer cartridges. Providentially the article stays relevant because the ratings do not change much at the top and you can guess what the current list looks like or do a little research on your own at

The third most popular story, Newsletters Online with 4792 hits. Looking back into history is interesting and this is the best place to look for SD chess. The Bulletin went the way of many printed newspapers that couldn't justify the printing and delivery cost. Fortunately we can still enjoy the stories from the past with this archive vault and the Wallace boys.


In second place with 9810 views is the, Chess Champions of South Dakota. This has found people looking back in history or maybe just looking for their name and making sure it's still there or confirming that they are a champ.


Can you guess want the most searched for information on the website is? It's likely the last page you looked at and the one most often returned to because it keeps changing.


It's the Events page that has been viewed over 25,055 times

* stats from admin account 2018-01-01