2012 SDCA Annual Meeting Minutes


I              Meeting called to order at 8:30 am by President Greg Waters


II             Read Minutes of the 2011 SDCA Annual Meeting. Secretary/Treasurer- Mark Derby


III           Treasurer’s Report


                                Checking Balance               $4,602.95

                                Paypal                                   $9.41

                                Total                                      $4612.36

IV           Secretary’s Report


                                Family Membership/s         1              (2 people)              2 in 2011               down 1

                                Regular Memberships         21                                          21 in 2011             same

                                Junior Memberships            2                                             4 in 2011               down 2


                                Total Memberships             24                                           27 in 2011             down 3

                                Paid Members:                     25                                           30 in 2011             down 5


People can renew online with a debt or credit card via paypal for convenience.

Create incentive for membership renewal. Send out reminders via e-mail, website, social media.



V.                  Reports from Committees


A.                  Scholastic Committee                                       


1.       Site for 2013 Scholastic – Pierre  April 13 & 20 or 13 PILC (no cost)

2.       Terry made a motion for SDCA to spend $250 for cost relief to scholastic championship tournament reps (Denker- Jerry Casteel and Barber- Arjun Coudhry) Motion second and passed by vote.

3.       Reference to Pogar tournament should be removed from by-laws.


B.                  Website                                                                  Mark Derby


Joomla CMS – keeping up on security updates – migrated to the newest sable version 2.5

PGN game database available– Mark has been working on this for a couple of years and now has over 1,500 SD games.

Tournament reports will have pages for the games to be played out.

1.       Rep. Reports-


VI.                Election of Officers and District Coordinators


A.                  President- Greg Waters (unopposed) Terry Likens declined

B.                  Vice-President- Curtis Carroll (unopposed)

C.                  Secretary-Treasurer – Mark Derby (unopposed)

D.                  Rapid City Coordinator – Jerry Casteel?

E.                   Sioux Falls Coordinator     - James Lenz ( decline) Nels (unopposed)

F.                   The Rest of the State Coordinator – Bob Wallace (unopposed)


VII.             Discussion of Unfinished Business

Disclaimer for the web still being written up by the law experts of the SDCA body.


VIII.           Discussion of New Business

State Championship Closed -  Terry will direct. east river locations? In the past we alternated east/west Considering SF community center. Nels will look for sites with reasonable rates.

Oct.6th or 13th


IX.                Motion to close meeting at 10:03 am

2014 SDCA Annual Meeting Minutes

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Written by Jill Likens & updated by Mark Derby

2014 SDCA Annual Meeting Agenda

I    Meeting Called to Order at 8:40 am by Jerry John Casteel, III

II    Read Minutes of the 2013 SDCA Annual Meeting   - by President, Jerry John Casteel, III

III    Treasurer’s Report (To be filled in by Web Custodian)

        Checking Balance   $3,716.69
        Paypal            $264.57
        Total            $3981.26

IV    Secretary’s Report

        Family Memberships         3 (13 people)     4     ( people 19) in 2013 down 1 ( 6 members)
        Regular Memberships         11                               32 in 2013    down 21
        Junior Memberships            3                    6 in  2013    down 3

        Total Memberships    17            42 in 2013; 24 in 2012   
        Paid Members:        27             57 in 2013; 25 in 2012   

V.    Reports from Committees

A.    Scholastic Committee           

1. Terry Likens reported - No requests for coaching reimbursement, so no actions taken

2. State scholastic in Rapid City – 66 players

3. Bob Bolland is no longer at Garrettson, but Mr Beaner is taking over

4. Alex Fuhs is the only scholastic player representing South Dakota - $300

a) Motion made to make the payment to scholastic players going to the Denker, Barber and/or National Girls championship a standard item (passed)

b) The players planning to attend would be reported as part of the scholastic committee reports

1.    Rep. Reports- none given

VI.    Election of Officers and District Coordinators
A.    President- Jerry John Casteel
B.    Vice-President- Curtis Carroll
C.    Secretary-Treasurer – Mark Derby
D.    Rapid City Coordinator – Eric Gardner (if Jerry can get him to pay his SDCA)
E.    Sioux Falls Coordinator- James Lenz
F.    The Rest of the State Coordinator – Terry Likens

G. Curtis Carroll suggested all officers and coordinators exchange phone numbers and email addresses to better coordinate activities in the future – such as having at least 6 teams at the team championship next year.

VII.    Discussion of Unfinished Business
1.  No one could remember unfinished business

VIII.    Discussion of New Business

A. Website - No problems with hacking attacks now that we are using Cloudflare. Mark just needs to get reimbursed for hosting and domain name from the treasure.
B. Terry Likens proposed that we have a Speed Chess tournament at 10 am before the Teams.  He will pay for the trophy and the rating fee – motion passed

C. SD Closed will be in Vermillion on September 27 - 28

D. SD Scholastic – need to coordinate date with new organizer in Garrettson

E. Discussion of getting announcements of tournaments up earlier.

1) One option is to coordinate information through the Sioux Falls Chess Club Facebook – via Nick Rassmussen to get announcements out.

F. Wes Schmidt wanted to recognize the contribution Dick Rostrom made to Sioux Falls chess – and Terry Likens chimed in with the note that he also contributed to the Teams Championship every year by calling with information on the teams.

G. Jerry John Casteel also recognized Cameron Starr as a chess player we’ve lost in the past year.

H. There was a question for whether we should schedule the Teams Tournament now.  It was suggested that we try to get the same site for July 18-19, 2015.  Bob Wallace will check on availability of the site.

IX.    Motion to close meeting at 9:24 am passed.  A comment was made that this year we had more listeners than talkers at the meeting, so this was a record meeting.


The meeting was called to order at 8:40am by Vice-President Terry Likens.

The Minutes of the 2010 meeting were read and accepted. The Treasurer’s Report showed $4318.25 in the Checking Account. The Secretary’s Report included 30 paid members comprising 2 Family, 21 Regular and 4 Junior memberships – up 4 membership and 2 members from last year at this time.

2013 SDCA Annual Meeting Agenda

I    Meeting Called to Order at  8:30 am by Curtis Carroll

The meeting was called to order at 8:21am by President Terry Likens. 

The Minutes of the 2006 SDCA Annual Meeting were read by Secretary-Treasurer, Jill Likens.  The Treasurer’s Report showed a checking balance of $4545.92 - not including SD Teams related money or expenses. The Secretary’s Report included 27 paid memberships – 3 Family; 19 Regular and 1 Junior.